OGR Winter 2010 Quarterly Report

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Quarterly Report Office of Government Relations (OGR)


Rental Housing: The OGR has been working closely with the Coalition for Safe Housing, which also includes the University of Washington (UW) Office of Regional Relations Deputy Director Aaron Hoard. We have meetings scheduled with the Seattle City Council to discuss legislation that would implement a mandatory rental housing inspection program. U-PASS: The Student Transportation Taskforce is co-chaired by OGR Assistant Director Eric Shellan, who has been collaborating with UW Transportation Services to create a sustainable and affordable U-PASS program. Taskforce members and the administration are regularly meeting with King County officials to secure representation on the King County Metro Transportation Taskfroce. Legislative Programming Coordinator (LPC): Alex Soldano was hired as the LPC at the end of Autumn Quarter. Legislative Planning Committee: The OGR formed the Legislative Planning Committee and has been working closely to develop ideas for ASUW about how to market the Political Action Network, the Washington Student Association, organizing a post-legislative forum for students after the legislative session ends, and a viral video to shine light on the rental housing issue. Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA): Eric Shellan successfully passed Student Senate legislation that encourage our Washington federal delegation to support SAFRA. UW's federal lobbyists were contacted by several Senators and Representatives regarding our legislation. Legislative Agenda: The Legislative Steering Committee produced one of the least controversial Legislative Agendas in recent history. The Agenda passed Student Senate in one meeting. Office Managers: The OGR now has three volunteer positions that help with administrative duties. Research Assistant: Blake Barnett was hired during Winter Quarter as a Research Assistant. Pre-Session Legislative Forum: The forum was extremely successful. Legislators, student leaders and administrators spoke passionately about the issues facing our University and its students. Higher Education Advocacy Day: On February 5th, OGR organized and hosted a higher education advocacy day in Olympia. Approximately 250 students showed up to meetings with legislators and for a rally in support of higher education. In addition to receiving extensive media recognition, it also earned the University students the respect of several legislators and policymakers on the state level. Media success: OGR has had a disproportionate number of stories in The Daily regarding its activities; HEAD had amazing media coverage, including two TV stations and The Seattle Times; Jono Hanks was quoted in The New York Times. This success is a direct result of our office's efforts to keep our campus and the general public informed.

Olympia: There were a flurry of bills that addressed tuition setting authority. Most of them died rather quietly and quickly. SB 6562 has been the primary focus and it will remain so. I have worked with Eric to highlight several of our activities in the press, specifically The Daily, the Seattle Times, local TV stations, and others. I am working with one of the local papers that has printed several Op Eds in favor of Local Tuition Setting Authority to print a Con Piece.

Future Goals:

Rental Housing; The OGR hopes to continue its work with the Coalition for Safe Housing and to eventually pass legislation through the Seattle City Council. U-PASS: The OGR will continue to vie for a spot on the King Country Metro transportation Taskforce. Post-Legislative Forum: The Legislative Planning Committee has been regularly meeting to discuss this event that will bring legislators to campus after the session. WSA Visibility Campaign: To encourage students to opt-in on the WSA donation, the OGR will be launching a visibility campaign on campus. This will be a comprehensive advertising campaign hopefully including posters, banners, videos, social media sources, and tools from the Office of Government relations as well as the Legislative Planning Committee. WSA Membership: It is an OGR goal to increase the interaction between ASUW/OGR and WSA. Because we are paying dues to WSA, we should be benefiting from the tools they purchase and provide. -- Eric Shellan Assistant Director Office of Government Relations Associated Students of the University of Washington ogr.asuw.org | HUB 304A Office: (206) 543-6810 | Direct: (360) 770-5112

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