Off-Campus Housing Affairs Housing Services Coordinator

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Office Hours

TITLE: Off-Campus Housing Affairs Housing Services Coordinator



HOURS: 10 HRS/WK (Fall, Winter quarters)

15 HRS/WK (Spring quarter)


The OCHA Housing Services Coordinator is responsible for the review and approval of rental listings, email and phone correspondence, website maintenance and updates, office organization, and general customer service. The OCHA Housing Services Coordinator is also responsible for furthering the mission of OCHA, especially by serving as a resource and advocate for students, faculty, and staff with off-campus housing affairs.


1. Review, edit, and approve rental listings for content and legality.
2. Respond to emails, faxes, voice mails, and mailings.
3. Assist OCHA Assistant Director with website updates and maintenance of the online database.
4. Provide customer service to students, faculty, staff, and landlords.
5. Provide housing consultation to students, faculty, staff and landlords.
6. Maintain and manage filing system and records.
7. Maintain office organization and inventory of supplies.
8. Complete additional tasks as assigned by the OCHA Director or Assistant Director.
9. Participate in quarterly evaluations with the OCHA Director.
10. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions, including but not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation.
11. Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO of office hours.
12. Inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO Adviser of missed office hours.
13. Complete quarterly goals and evaluations as arranged by the ASUW Personnel Director.
14. Serve as a member of the ASUW Personnel Hiring Committee in the Spring to hire the new Housing Services Coordinator, OCHA Assistant Director, and/or OCHA Director (if not applying for the position), to ensure continuity.


A. Interest in social work, off-campus affairs, real estate, and Seattle housing.

B. Strong customer service skills.

C. Prior office experience.

D. Ability to work independently and with supervision.

E. Excellent organization and time-management skills.

F. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

G. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

H. Proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop preferred but not required.

I. Proficiency in HTML and web knowledge preferred but not required.

J. Must be a student enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate credits, 4 graduate credits, or as defined by Executive Order 50.

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