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Robert Higa is serving as the Director of Programming for the 111th Session of the ASUW. Higa, who ran with the Huskies United ticket in the 2011 ASUW Elections, was the Assistant Director of Arts and Entertainment during the 110th Session. Higa was also an Student Senate senator for his fraternity, Delta Chi, and eventually for the IFC as a whole. Higa is a member of Mixed Club and has used his artistic craft to help promote events and engagement opportunities for the Office of Government Relations.


Build More Collaborative Programming

  • I will create a more inclusive campus community by working with the many diverse groups of student organizations and campus communities to engender collaborative event programming. Together we will develop a variety of high quality events that appeal to a larger scope of students.
  • I will work intimately with the Director of Community Relations, Director of Diversity Efforts, and Director of Communications to reach out to those members of the university community including the Greek community, the Ethnic Cultural Center, and registered student organizations. My goal is to create events that will appeal to the many diverse groups and bring together our campus community.

Maximize Campus Resources

  • I will pursue an initiative to introduce and utilize non-traditional campus spaces to host future events.
  • I will also continue ASUW Arts and Entertainment’s effort to retrofit a space on campus that will meet required standards for on campus film screenings.

Outreach and Event Visibility

  • I will help in creating more visibility for on campus events through the use of social media and creative marketing targeted specifically towards student groups and a broader campus community.
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