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The Committee is assisted by staff from the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life.
The Committee is assisted by staff from the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life.
[ SAF Guidelines]
=Funded Units=
=Funded Units=

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[edit] Mission Statement

“The Services and Activities Fee is a student levied, student distributed fee to support and enhance the out of class experience of students at the University of Washington Seattle. The Services and Activities Fee provides ongoing operational and capital funding for programs, which protect and enrich the cultural, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social well being of the student.” (Adopted Fall 2011)

[edit] About SAF

The Services & Activities Fee Committee was created in 1973. The Committee begins the process by meeting from November to June to develop an annual recommended operating and capital budget through a series of submitted reports, budget discussions with unit leaders and directors, and committee deliberations. The committee evaluates each unit’s individual operating request and weighs the needs against the demand & need of students across campus and the financial pressures of the collective student population while being mindful to avoid funding items that are covered by tuition, such as research or academics. By the end of budget deliberations, the chair with support of their committee drafts a letter to the Board of Regents detailing how funds collected from the Services & Activities Fee should be spent. These recommendations are then presented concurrently with the recommendations from the Vice President & Provost for Student Life at the June Board of Regents Meeting. Once approved by the Board of Regents the Services and Activities Fee Budget and subsequent capital fees are implemented by the University Administration.

The Committee is comprised of seven annually appointed students, four from the Associated Students of the University of Washington and three from the Graduate Professional Student Senate. These seven members are the only voting members of the committee and elect a chair from amongst their membership. The Committee also has two non-voting members appointed by the Faculty Senate and three non-voting member appointed by the University Administration.

All appointments to the Committee are for a length of one year and no member may server longer than 5 consecutive terms.

The Committee is assisted by staff from the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life.

[edit] Funded Units

[2013-2014] Fee Level: $126

  • Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW)
  • Campus Sustainability Fund
  • Childcare Assistance Program and Student Parent Resource Center
  • Classroom Support Services
  • Counseling Center
  • Ethnic Cultural Center and Theater
  • Hall Health Primary Care Center
  • Graduate and Professional Student Senate
  • Q Center
  • Recreational Sports Program
  • Services and Activities Fee Committee
  • Husky Union Building
  • Student Legal Services
  • Student Publications
  • D Center

Fee History from previous years can be found on the SAF Website, under 'Fee History'

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