Student Senate Liaisons

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Student Senate Liaisons represent standing Senate opinion on various ASUW and non-ASUW committees.

Finance & Budget Committee Liaisons:

Personnel Committee Liaison:

Judicial Committee Liaison:

Special Appropriations Committee Liaison:

Publicity & Programing Committee Liaison:

Crime Prevention Committee Liaison:

Board of Directors Liaison:

GPSS Liaison:

Legislative Steering Committee Liaisons:

Joint Commission Committee Liaison:

Student Regent Advisory Liaison:

Childcare Issues Liaison:

Student TV Taskforce Liaison:

RainyDawg Radio Liaison:

Arts & Entertainment Liaison:

Finance & Budget Committee Liaison:

Undergraduate Education Advisory Council Liaison:

Student Technology Fee Liaison:

Student Activities Fee Liaison:

Course Fee Review Liaison:

Financial Education Week Taskforce Liaison:

SHC and CEDA Review Taskforce Liaison:

Students with Disabilities Commission (SDC) Liaison:

Medal of Honor Taskforce Liaison:

Senate Officer Review Committee Liaison:

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