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=Session XVI Senate Membership Coordinator=
=Session XVI Senate Membership Coordinator=
==Bryan Dosono==
==[[Bryan Dosono]]==
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''

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Office Hours


Job Description

The Membership Coordinator is in charge of maintaining membership rosters, overseeing attendance records, and chairing the Membership Committee.

Session XVI Senate Membership Coordinator

Bryan Dosono

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Awareness: I plan to increase student representation by focusing on unfilled living group senate seats (Commuters, Residence Halls, IFC/Panhellenic) through means of effective advertising and recruitment. In addition to setting up Dawg Daze events (which are ideal for incoming freshman) and personal campus tabling, informing the ASUW student body with current Senate events through the Senate website, the ASUW Dawg Dish Newsletter, and other electronic mediums is also an important task that needs be improved.
  • Retention: By working closely with the Senate Leadership, I will formulate and execute retention strategies and increase voting attendance. Working closely with the directors of the ASUW Ambassadors and Husky Mentors will also increase the transparency of the student opinion in the Senate to incoming freshman. I will also facilitate forums with guest speakers and encourage open communication, diverse opinions, and free dialogue in these meetings.
  • Outreach: Because the ASUW Senate is an umbrella association of student opinion, I feel that more Registered Student Organizations need to have their own Senate Seat. I will work relentlessly next year with students and their respective constituencies to explain the simple process of applying for a seat. I envision a minimum 20% increase in more RSO Seats for next year. This will truly make Senate a more diverse and transparent entity.
  • Effectivity: I will work closely with the other Senate Officers to promote the Senate through t-shirts, name tags, buttons, and business cards. These promotional items can bring in students who want to get more involved with ASUW. Internally within the Senate, I have noticed that many of the current placards are tattered, bent, torn, or missing! I will implement new, custom placards (via laminated cardstock, thick foam board, etc.) for Senators to use.
  • Atmosphere: Through organizing fun Senate bonding activities (i.e. bowling, movies, tabling, etc.), I will strive to promote an enthusiastic, warm, and safe environment to make Senate a more personal community. Furthermore, I will serve as a friendly, approachable, and valuable resource for new and incoming senators to ensure that they understand the basic process of how the meetings function.

Student Senate Bylaws Article III: OFFICERS


A. Compensation
1. No stipend shall be drawn during the Summer Quarter.
2. During Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, the Secretary shall draw a stipend totaling $2,890.
B. Duties & Responsibilities
1. The Secretary shall complete the following tasks on a weekly basis:
(i) hold a minimum of five (5) office hours outside of meetings;
(ii) take minutes at all Senate and Steering Committee meetings, and publish those minutes on the Senate website;
(iii) prepare and submit the Senate minutes to the Steering Committee for approval;
(iv) incorporate the minutes from all Senate committees into the Senate minutes;
(v) prepare a digital projector and other necessary equipment and documents to display current business during Senate meetings;
(vi) publish the Agenda on the Senate website at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the next Senate meeting;
(vii) collect and post on the Senate website all press clippings relating to the Senate; and
(viii) publish Liaison reports on the Senate website.
2. The Secretary shall complete the following tasks at least twice per quarter:
(i) incorporate approved changes in the Bylaws and Rules into the electronic copy on the Senate website and all other publicly accessible copies;
(ii) coordinate with the Vice-Chair to maintain and update the ASUW Standing Opinion Index on the Senate website; and
(iii) complete a Senate Officer Review with the Chair.
3. The Secretary shall complete the following tasks on a quarterly basis:
(i) post Senate office hours for officers and committee chairs.
4. The Secretary shall attend to the following general responsibilities during the entire term:
(i) follow all Senate Bylaws and Rules;
(ii) perform tasks as assigned by the Chair;
(iii) provide expertise when considering changes to the Senate Rules or Bylaws;
(iv) train the incoming officers following their election; and
(v) attend ASUW training and orientation; and
(vi) maintain and update an online membership database.

Current and Past Senate Membership Coordinators

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