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The committee is comprised of nine voting members:
The committee is comprised of nine voting members:
    * The Finance & Budget Director, who shall serve as chair
    * The Director of Operations
Neil Rotta (STFC Chair)
    * The President or proxy
Travis McCoy (Vice Chair)
    * A representative from the Student Senate
    * Three at-large students selected through the Open Selection Process
Neil Rotta (ASUW Senate)
Cassidy Gray
== Website ==
== Website ==

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The students and administration supported a successful legislative effort to enable the establishment of a Student Technology Fee which would be used "exclusively for technology resources for general student use." The statute (RCW 28B.15.051) allowed the University to establish the fee upon the agreement of student government. Unlike tuition increases, the Student Technology Fee, as directed by statute, is to be spent only on technology for students. State law directs that the annual expenditure plans for the fee be approved by students rather than by the administration or the Board of Regents. The Student Technology Fee fund will enable the University to support a number of proposals that advance the goals of the technology fee, which are to improve the environment for computing and accessibility to computer resources at the UW. Money from the technology fee is not to be used to fund items that should properly be funded by legislative or administrative funds, nor is it anticipated that these funds will cover ongoing operational costs and/or supplies.



The committee is comprised of nine voting members:

ASUW Neil Rotta (STFC Chair) Travis McCoy (Vice Chair) (ASUW BoD) Neil Rotta (ASUW Senate) Cassidy Gray



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