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Timothy Mensing is currently ASUW President for the 109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington.

Goals for 2009-20010

Winter 2010

Fall 2009


  • Amplify our voice in Olympia by creating a grassroots program to connect more students with our lawmakers
  • Strengthen diversity on campus by working with the ECC community to advocate for better recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented and marginalized communities
  • Face the budget crisis effectively by initiating widespread student involvement and discussions of cuts
Creating a New Vision for the Board of Directors
  • Reinforce the voice of ASUW senate by directly connecting administration and students insuring implementation of legislation


  • Foster community among all UW students through creation of an ASUW mentoring program for new students
  • Proactively support and partner with organizations that serve campus communities; SAB, RHSA, IFC, PHC, NPHC, UGC, and CIC
  • Connect students to opportunities by expanding the new outreach program I co-founded this year; ASUW Ambassadors
  • Systematically increase interplay between all of ASUW to more effectively serve all students
  • Distribute a monthly ASUW accountability report to be included in The Daily, as well as in newsletters for community groups
  • Build connections by initiating new coalitions of student organizations following the successful model of the new coalition of environmental clubs


  • Accountability: Enact robust internal auditing system to ensure that the ASUW accomplishes its stated purposes
  • Campus: Insure robust conversation for new projects like renovation of the HUB, ECC, and Hall Health
  • Diversity: Work with the ECC community to strengthen programming and improve university policies on diversity
  • Entertainment: Provide world class entertainment that works in tandem with student issues and groups
  • Funding: Review guidelines for funding student activities to ensure quality opportunities
  • Safety: Make campus and the surrounding community safer by expanding block watch, and partnering with the Administration, UW Police, and Seattle Police
  • Transparency: Partner with The Daily to publish monthly progress reports, and redesign ASUW website to make information more accessible
  • Volunteers: Open up meaningful volunteer positions to give all students opportunities to gain leadership experience
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