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Tunny Vann was Director of Community Relations for the 109th Session. He lost is bid for reelection in the 2010 ASUW Elections by a razor-thin margin of 62 votes.

He has previously served in 2008-2009 as the Student Senate Publicity & Outreach Committee Chair, RHSA-at-large Senator, Haggett Peoples Council Senator Special Appropriations Committee Member, and a member of the Legislative Planning Committee for the Office of Governmental Relations.

Goals for 2009-2010

Building Personal Relationships

  • Establishing outreach to the various communities on and off campus serving as the primary liaison for the ASUW to the ECC, The Daily, IFC/ Panhellenic, UGC/NPHC, Commuters, RSOs, and Residence Halls.
  • Facilitating and engaging in conversations that are meaningful to the community letting them know what is going on within the University.
  • Not being just a face on campus that shows up at events and meetings, but being someone who serves as a resource to the entire student body.
  • Meeting with students in both formal and informal settings so I can establish both a working and personal relationship.

Increasing Visibility: Promoting ASUW

  • Continuing the efforts of the current board by staying committed to projects involving transparency.
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of existing resources such as the ASUW Dawg Dish newsletter, SAO Calendar, and various listserves to promote the Association.
  • Coordinating with the various offices and entities within the ASUW to make the Association more accessible to the students by meeting regularly with leaders on campus and working in partnership with the Director of Organizational Relations.
  • Publishing accountability reports in The Daily so the students of the University are informed of the ASUW process every step of the way.
  • Increasing the number of town hall meetings and forums with the Board of Directors so students are more informed.

Connecting the Community

  • Raising awareness about different volunteer positions that are available in the association and lining them up with the interest of the students.
  • Work with the Director of Diversity Efforts as well as the Vice President to ensure that the ASUW pulls in students from all communities to get involved with the Association.
  • Utilizing existing coalitions whilst creating more so students have a forum to connect to like-minded students on campus.
  • Work with the Director of Programming to ensure that the ASUW puts on programs that bring the community together.
  • Not only letting students know about existing opportunities, but creating more opportunities via coalitions, task forces, and volunteer assistants so students could learn more about ASUW while getting involved.
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