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About UW Leaders

UW Leaders is an ASUW program that offers leadership-building opportunities for freshmen, sophomores and transfer juniors. Whether students have been involved in leadership in the past or are looking to get started now, UW Leaders will help them maximize their leadership potential while welcoming them into a close-knit and meaningful community of accomplished individuals.

UW Leaders provides opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, campus involvement, and service for freshmen, sophomores, and transfer juniors at the University of Washington. Students in the program can expect to improve their leadership skills while developing a strong sense of community.

The structure of the program provides instruction on leadership principles and offers opportunities for service both on and off campus. We hold a mandatory retreat the first weekend of winter quarter, as well as weekly meetings every Wednesday (5-7pm) during winter and spring quarter. Throughout the program, members of UW Leaders will design and implement a small group service project to correspond with their areas of interest. In addition, we will be providing options for small service projects and opportunities for campus involvement.

Along with leadership and service, a major component of our program is the development of strong relationships. This process will happen through the guidance of the mentors who develop the curricula and structure of the program.

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