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[http://hours.asuw.org/index.php?user=asuweb Office Hours]
==Current webmasters==
==Current webmasters==
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=Webmaster Job Description=
=Webmaster Job Description=
Last Updated 03/12/14
(Last Updated: 03/12/14)
TITLE: ASUW Webmaster
TITLE: ASUW Webmaster

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[edit] Current webmasters

[edit] 2013-2014

[edit] 2012-2013

[edit] Webmaster Job Description

(Last Updated: 03/12/14)

TITLE: ASUW Webmaster

CATEGORY: ASUW Office of Communications

TERM: 31 Weeks

HOURS: 15 Hours/Week


The ASUW Webmasters are responsible for the design, redesign, and upkeep of webpages for entities across the Association. The ASUW Webmasters also help educate employees on the maintenance of their program's website.


1. Develop and maintain websites for other entities within the ASUW.

2. Add creative and innovative components to the ASUW websites, including any redesigns deemed necessary by the Communications Director and Board of Directors.

3. Design and develop easy-to-use interfaces for ASUW websites.

4. Run routine usability tests in order to maintain and improve upon the user experience on the ASUW websites.

5. Ensure web designs are consistent with the vision established by the Board of Directors.

6. Work with the Systems Administrator on relevant tasks.

7. Report to, update and communicate with the Communications Director on a weekly basis.

8. Ensure security of the ASUW Jobs Website in coordination with the Personnel Director.

9. Coordinate designs and developments with the other Webmaster and Visual Designers to ensure consistency in ASUW materials.

10. Work with the Communications Director and Personnel Director to create a Wordpress training for ASUW employees.

11. Work with the Communications Director to ensure content is up to date on the main ASUW Website.

12. Maintain and inform the ASUW Personnel Director and the Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser of all completed and missed office hours, including any absences due to sickness, personal emergencies or work-related trips.

13. Meet with SAO adviser as needed and upon request, as well as participating in a quarterly evaluation process.

14. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings.

15. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in the ASUW Personnel Policy, the signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding and the Student Employment Handbooks. All actions must also follow the laws and procedures set by ASUW, SAO and the State of Washington.

16. Responsible for initiating a thorough transition with newly hired successor before finals week of Spring Quarter to ensure continuity. Prepared documents, such as a transition binder/folder, are recommended.


1. Extensive experience with PC and Macintosh computers. !

2. Strong HTML programming skills.

3. Visual design skills preferred.

4. Strong trustworthiness and ability to properly handle confidential information.

5. Experience with developing and maintaining websites.

6. Ability to create user-friendly interfaces.

7. Strong organizational skills.

8. Demonstrates creativity and ability to develop innovative ideas.

9. Ability to communicate technical skills effectively.

10. Ability to develop and adhere to deadlines (Particularly large projects that potentially include intermittent deadlines).

11. Ability to function in a professional and polite manner in dealing with ASUW clientele, BOD members, UW departments, administrators, and the general public.

12. Strong Experience with PHP and Wordpress.

13. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate or 4 graduate credits or on leave as defined by Executive Order 50.

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