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William Dow is serving as the Director of Policy and Procedures for the 111th Session of the ASUW. Dow, who ran with the Huskies United ticket in the 2011 ASUW Elections, was previously a news and sports reporter, columnist, news editor and editor-in-chief at The Daily. He also served on the UW's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, was very much involved with the Office of Government Relations, and was a Student Senator.



  • Continue building grassroots support with BARK Against Budget Cuts, the Washington Student Association and the Political Action Network by reaching out to campus community.
  • Use personal relationships with administration, faculty and alumni to coordinate mutual action and broadcast a louder voice both to the community and Olympia.
  • Reach out to uninvolved ASUW’s commissions, RSOs and communities to bring them into political activity by crafting individualized methods to promote low tuition and high financial aid funding.

Accessibility and Comprehensiveness

  • Use journalism background, including writing, editing, and designing, to keep information accessible, interesting, and interactive in ASUW wiki page, both in content and in design.
  • Work with Director of Communications to create a Board of Directors blog to keep students informed about board decisions, as well as commissions blogs to give a voice to other parts of the Association.

Accountability of student dollars

  • Maintain and improve both employee and committee reports to make information about student dollars available.
  • Strengthen the role of the Judicial Committee to maintain accountability in Board decisions and policy.
  • Prioritize responsible spending of student dollars in Special Appropriations by ensuring dollars are spent conscientiously and responsibly.
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