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Anttimo Bennett

Anttimo Bennett served as ASUW President for the 108th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington. He has previously served as Director of Community Relations.

ASUW President

Goals for 2008-2009:

Representing the Association
Maintaining professionalism at all times to increase the legitimacy of the Association
Eliciting student opinion in major decisions and serving as a strong advocate in lobbying for students needs in Seattle and in Olympia
Establishing networks in the community to increase funding and support of the Association
Creating a New Vision for the Board of Directors
Encouraging collaboration between members of the Board of Directors to ensure a positive working environment
Making the work of the Board of Directors more visible to students to increase student participation in government
Using board reports as progress checks to ensure that each person is fulfilling the promises made to voters
Relating to the Community: The Legend Continues
Reaching out to individuals and groups that have not been previously involved in student government
Solidifying relationships between ASUW and student organizations and living groups by reforming the Director of Community Relations position to reflect the other director positions that serve as chairs to committees
Working with student groups and with the administration to ensure that diversity remains a priority for the University
It's All About Us
Instilling a team mentality in the students that promotes the idea that we can bring change for students by working together
Seeking approval in decisions to improve transparency and encourage teamwork
Working as a team to improve campus safety for all students by advocating for quicker response times to emergency calls, increased safety education from the UWPD Crime Prevention Unit, and more patrols on "The Ave", the Greek system, in the residence halls, and on the main campus
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