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Benjamin Lealofi serves as the ASUW Director of Diversity Efforts for the 110th Session. He previously served as the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission Director for the 2009-2010 acadmic year.

Goals for 2010-2011

Diversity is essential to everyday life. Conserving diversity in all aspects of our University reflects personal, social and academic growth.

As the Director of Diversity Efforts, my goal is to continue the work set to represent the diversity on the University campus. In regards to students, faculty and staff, I plan to generate a family-friendly environment making the Association welcoming and accessible to all. Diverse opinions shall be voiced in the larger communal setting. I am passionate about this position and look forward to meeting colleagues, scholars and new friends. Together, we infiltrate keeping tradition alive and welcoming seasoned and supplemental ideas to better our campus.


-Educate students across campus about ASUW.

-Inform students the opportunities and resources proposed by the diversity commissions.


-Maintain strong bonds with diversity commission directors and student organizations; advocating social growth.

-Continue infrastructure and working relationship with various entities on campus: Ethnic Cultural Center, Office of Minority Affairs/Diversity, Q Center and Women's Center.

-Voice student issues concerning social injustice based on: race/ethnicity, age, gender, social class, sexuality, religion/beliefs and physical ability.


-Preserve the tradition of ASUW Diversity Commissions.

-Significance of diversity in the classroom and Association.



-ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission Director 2009-2010

-OMA/D College Success Foundation Scholars Program Assistant 2008-PRESENT

-Pacific Islander Partnership in Education Program Mentor 2008-PRESENT

-OMA/D Student Advisory Board Campus Climate Director 2010-PRESENT

-Pacific Islander Opportunity Network for Educational Equality & Representation Program Mentor/Events Coordinator 2007-/PRESENT

-OMA/D Readiness for Islander Success in Education Program Mentor/Volunteer/Chaperone/Facilitator 2007-2009

-Polynesian Student Alliance Vice President of External Affairs 2008-2009

-Polynesian Outreach Program Director 2008-2009

-UW Dream Project Mentor 2007-2009

-Polynesian Student Alliance Treasurer 2007-2008

Campus Community Involvement/Activities

-ASUW Everybody, Every Body Fashion Show Co-MC 2010

-ASUW Asian Student Commission Iron Chef Judge 2009

-ASUW Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian/Transgender Commission Drag Show Judge 2010

-Polynesian Student Alliance Poly Day Co-MC 2009, 2010

-OMA/D College Success Foundation Scholars Program Talent Show MC 2009, 2010

-ECC Leadership Retreat Participant 2008, 2009

-UW’s Gospel Choir 2007-2009

Greater Community Involvement/Activities

-Northwest Association of Pacific Americans Active Member 2008-PRESENT

-City of Refuge - Voice of Christ Praise & Worship Team PRESENT

-City of Refuge - Voice of Christ Youth Ministry Officer PRESENT

-City of Refuge - Voice of Christ Sunday School Dept. Assistant PRESENT

-Midway Assembly of God Church Praise & Worship Team 2009-2010

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