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Office Hours

TITLE: Bike Shop Manager


TERM: 43 Weeks

HOURS: 20 Hours/Week



The ASUW Bike Shop manager oversees the internal and external workings of the ASUW Bike Shop and its employees. Responsible for the shop and its employees, its inventory, and publicity.

Current Manager: Lauren Boubel June 2008-Present


1. Coordinate work schedules and keep the bike shop open during scheduled hours (as set by the Manager at the beginning of each quarter).

2. Determine hours of operation for each quarter and schedule the mechanics accordingly.

3. Place orders with vendors for both stock and special orders.

4. Keep a running total of revenues from repair orders.

5. Develop and maintain strict inventory control; inventory to be taken once per quarter.

6. Conduct price surveys to keep price book up-to-date and maintain pricing inventory knowledge.

7. Perform yearly inventory and prepare a report to be given to the accountants by July 1 of the current year.

8. Responsible for all work on bicycles and parts done by all mechanics.

9. Responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting, and training new staff.

10. Continue training current staff to keep them up to date on current developments in the bicycle industry.

11. Check mail daily and sign off on all invoices and statements received from vendors.

12. Inform students of services available at the Bike Shop, including informing students of any workshops.

13. File invoices, statements, timesheets, and fiscal reports. Keep all items for a time period no less than 4 years.

14. Prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors, including program activity, budget line balances, and problems/suggestions.

15. Initiate all necessary paperwork for operation of the program following established procedures and timelines.

16. Maintain, organize, and update office files and records.

17. Write quarterly evaluations of employees in accordance with guidelines.

18. Participate in quarterly evaluations process with Student Activities Office (SAO) Advisor.

19. Conduct price surveys to keep price book up-to-date.

20. Develop the annual budget for the Bike Shop according to the guidelines established by the ASUW Finance and Budget Committee, and submit for approval.

21. Maintain, organize, and update office files and records.

22. Responsible for coordinating web page upkeep through volunteers or otherwise.

23. Meet with SAO Advisor upon request.

24. Meet with Director of Organizational Relations upon request.

25. Review and adhere to conditions of employments as stated in Student Employment Handbook and ASUW Personnel Policy and signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding.

26. Responsible for adherence to conditions of ASUW Bike Shop Mandate.

27. Abide by ASUW and UW policies, procedures, and processes.

28. Ensure completion and quality of work done; ensure that all phone calls, requests, and questions are addressed properly and in a timely manner.

29. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions, including but not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation.

30. Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO of office hours.

31. Inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO Adviser of missed office hours.

32. Complete quarterly goals and evaluations as arranged by the ASUW Personnel Director.

33. Serve as a member of the ASUW Personnel Hiring Committee in the Spring to hire the new Bike Shop Manager (if not applying for that position), to ensure continuity.


1. Previous Bike Shop experience (either ASUW shop or commercial shop).

2. Extensive current knowledge of a wide variety of bike types, accessories, tools, etc. is preferred.

3. Supervisory/management ability.

4. Oral and written communication skills.

5. Accounting/ inventory control experience helpful.

6. Ability to plan, coordinate, and implement workshops on bike repair/maintenance.

7. Publicity and promotional skill (preferable).

8. Must be an UW student enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate credits or 4 graduate credits or be on leave status as defined by U.W. Executive Order 50

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