Dalia Amin's 2009 Director of Diversity Efforts Platform

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Dalia Amin ran successfully for Director of Diversity Efforts in 2009. Her platform follows:


As the ASUW Director of Diversity Efforts, I will continue advocating for underrepresented and marginalized communities on campus. During my term, I will address the challenges the ASUW commissions face and work diligently to build strong alliances with various organizations on campus. I will elicit support, recognition, involvement, and respect for the diverse communities at University of Washington. For specific details, go to uwunited.org.


1. Work with the ASUW commissions to create a new community gateway program for diversity efforts on campus.

2. Encourage broad participation in diversity affairs by supporting university efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body, recommending retention activities, and working with the academic deans on retention strategies.

3. Develop sustainable partnerships with community organizations, and government agencies to create programs that provide networking and communication avenues for student recruitment and collaborations in support of diversity.

4. Communicate effectively with the ASUW Vice President to recruit diverse individuals for ASUW volunteer positions.

5. Host commission forums to discuss and propel student involvement in various projects on campus.

6. Develop innovative student and employee activities that promote diversity. Plan and direct a Diversity Fair to celebrate and explore one of UW’s most beautiful aspects—Diversity.

Detailed Ideas: Steps and Measures I will Take

1. In order to celebrate the diversity that the University of Washington embodies, a diversity board would be created for the purpose of introducing various commissioners as well as the posting of RSO updates and advertisements.

2. Host a daylong Retreat with the attendance of the commissioners, Board of Directors and the constituent’s executive board members. The goal of this retreat is for strengthening relationships among fellow members as well as discussing strategies and ideas that may lead to the improvement of the diversity programs at the University of Washington.

3. In order to further introduce the various resources of the University of Washington to incoming freshmen, I will work with First Year Programs to integrate the ECC, IC, Women’s Center and Q center into the freshmen orientation as well as the year round tours. During these tours the students will be taken inside each building where they may receive information for the purpose and function of the structure.

4. In the hopes of keeping students informed, an E-letter will be created and distributed once a month, which would consist of contact information, a volunteer and RSO of the month and updates of upcoming events. Through the Newsletter, students will be able to identify and locate Commissioners, as well as learn more about their field of expertise and involvement on campus. In addition, this technique of communication would be less wasteful than a paper method.

5. In order to consolidate the relationship and communication among various organizations, I would like the members of the BOD to attend the JCC meetings once a month and it will also be similarly requested that the Commissioners attend the BOD meetings at least once a month.

6. To further strengthen the communication among members, I would like to construct a commissioner posting board in the ECC, where contact information as well as annual goals of each commissioner can be posted.

7. Create a directory of resources for various programs, RSOs, and events on campus. This will be beneficial for assisting students in locating resources in addition to providing references needed.

8. I will advocate for even distribution of office hours among all the Commissioners, so they may decide how to manage their time independently.

9. In order to provide further informational distribution, it is necessary to construct strong relations with the media on UW campus such as the Daily and Rainy Dawg radio as well as others.

10. For the purpose and goal of building stronger and long lasting relationships, I will work around each commissioner’s schedule and provide support and attention to new input/information.

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