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Dave Iseminger is a concurrent degree in his fourth year of studies pursing a law degree and a masters in public health genetics from UW. He is a 2005 graduate of the University of Rochester (NY) where he earned a bachelor of science degree in molecular genetics, a minor in political science, and was a Take 5 Scholar studying mythical literature.

During his graduate studies Dave has work at several federal and state government agencies. He first worked for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit and Security Administration in the summer after his first year of law school and then externed in the Consumer Protection division of Washington Attorney General’s office. Following his second year of studies, Dave clerked for the Attorney General's office in the University of Washington division and continued to work there throughout his third year of graduate school. Most recently, he clerked in the Attorney General's Social & Health Services Mental Health Services division in Olympia.

Dave is extremely committed to community service at both the University and City level. He has served on several University and Law school faculty committees, been the Secretary of the law school’s student bar association, a managing editor of the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, and active in GPSS for the past 2 years completely overhauling the organization’s bylaws. Dave is a commissioner on the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities and volunteers with Lifelong Aids Alliance.

During the 2008-2009 academic year, Dave will work with the graduate and professional student community and elected officials in Olympia on important issues such as the funding of childcare and mental health services, school safety, and tuition setting authority.

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