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Office Hours


TERM: 4 Months

HOURS: 18 HRS/WK (1/2 Jan-Feb)

20 HRS/WK (1/2 Mar.-May)

ASUW Job Description for EAC Chair


Job Summary

The EAC Chair supervises ASUW elections including candidate filing, packet preparation, seminars, promotion, poll locations and workers

Job Descriptions

1. Organize and conduct weekly meetings of the Elections Administration Committee and supervise responsibilities delegated to Committee members and inform SAO advisors of meeting times in advance.

2. Establish and distribute election calendars in accordance with the ASUW bylaws.

3. Report to the Board of Directors at least every other week during Winter and Spring quarter Board of Directors meetings.

4. Promote elections and candidate filing.

5. Recruit and hire poll workers.

6. Coordinate filing procedure for candidates and necessary promotion and publicity.

7. Coordinate physical set-up of polls.

8. Prepare a poll workers’ schedule prior to Election days and supervise polling locations and poll workers on Election day(s).

9. Ensure fair practices in all aspects of elections. (e.g. filing, campaigning, voting, etc.)

10. Oversee budget expenditures and keep financial records up-to-date.

11. Plan, promote, and implement an all candidates forum accessible to the entire student body during the first week of campaigning.

12. Review and adhere to the ASUW Elections Manual as approved by the ASUW Board of Directors.

13. Review and revise as needed the ASUW Elections Rules and Policies and Procedures.

14. Initiate all necessary paperwork for operations of the committee according to establish procedures and timelines.

15. Maintain and inform the ASUW Personnel Director and the SAO advisor of all office hours.

16. Meet with SAO advisor on a weekly basis.

17. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in Student Employment Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy and signed Memorandum of Understanding.

18. Initiate and submit a budget for the following year to BOD according to established guidelines.

19. Responsible for maintaining and updating Elections file for the following years.

20. Participate in evaluation process with SAO Advisor (evaluation to be presented to the Personnel Committee).

21. Notify Personnel Director of work absences.

22. Prepare final report by the end of the term.

23. Responsible for web-page upkeep through volunteers or otherwise.


1. Knowledge of ASUW policies and the election process.

2. Organizational abilities.

3. Extensive time commitment during winter and spring quarter.

4. Ability to work under stress.

5. Experience with promotions and working within a budget.

6. Supervisory experience preferred.

7. Election ethics.

8. Communication skills.

9. Ability to work with and recruit students.

Current and Former EAC Chairs

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