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Office Hours

TITLE: RainyDawg Promotions Coordinator

CATEGORY: ASUW Services (Internal Hire)

TERM: 1 Year

HOURS: 12 hrs/wk (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters)

8 Hrs/wk (Summer quarter)

ASUW RainyDawg Promotions Coordinator Job Description

Job Summary

1. The Promotions Coordinator’s primary task is to oversee the street team (“Renegades”). The street team consists of about 25 student volunteers, broken into 4 smaller teams that a captain (an experienced street teamer) leads. The Promotions Coordinator assigns areas of campus that each team is responsible for fliering each week (the captain is responsible for instructing their team to do their fliering). The Promotions Coordinator is also responsible for having posters designed (RainyDawg has a few people who design posters for us) and printed, and for notifying the street team when posters need to go out.

2. The Promotions Coordinator is also responsible for networking with the campus community in order to create and link up with events that the street team can be sent to. This includes both regular weekly events (such as tabling at the HUB movies every Wednesday) as well as special events (such as tabling in the HUB lawn at the beginning of the quarter or taking part in pro-voting festivities on campus during the election). Networking is also done with parts of the greater Seattle community (such as EMP for SoundOff!, and Vera Project and the Paradox, two all-ages venues in town) to set up giveaways and “presents” at certain shows at those venues.

3. The Promotions Coordinator also networks with ASUW Arts & Entertainment and Soundbites to help promote shows and entertainment events on campus. This promotion includes setting up a RainyDawg table at such events, as well as helping distribute posters for shows around campus.

4. The Promotions Coordinator also networks with film companies (and their promotions companies) in the Seattle area to help promote movie screenings.

5. The Promotions Coordinator also contacts record labels and their Seattle representatives to procure giveaways such as CD samplers and stickers from them (the Music Director also assists in such networking).

6. The Promotions Coordinator is also responsible for setting up the logistics of street team events. This includes scheduling events themselves (determining meeting time, set up time, event time, etc), sending out an email of events for upcoming weeks and scheduling street teamers to work those events. They also create a bin to take to the event, putting appropriate promotional materials together for the event.

7. Participate in quarterly evaluation process with the ASUW Personnel Director

8. Maintain and inform ASUW, RainyDawg Radio, and SAO for all 12 office hours per week during which time the activities and/or whereabouts are known on the office hours database (meetings and appointments may be scheduled during this time).

Associated Students of UW

University of Washington

HUB 104C, Box 352238

Seattle, WA 98195

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