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The Student Activities Office registers approximately 500 student organizations every academic year. These registered student organizations (RSOs) represent a variety of student interests and provide many opportunities for student learning and enrichment and are responsible for many of the cultural, educational and social events that occur on campus. As RSO's, they are sanctioned by the University, but independent from its control. Groups must be registered in order to use University resources, including the Resource Center and the ASUW Special Appropriations Committee.

SAO Advisers are available to help RSOs in a variety of ways. For example:

SAO Advisers help guide students through the channels of the University structure and within the bounds of University regulations when planning an event, requesting an email address or web page, requesting ASUW / GPSS funding, or planning a fundraiser.

SAO Advisers provide group training to help develop leadership skills, fundraising opportunities, conflict resolution, etc.

SAO Advisers are free consultants to help with organization's event planning.

SAO Advisers are eager to assist you in preliminary event planning and search for funds and resources.

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