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Off-Campus Housing Affairs Purpose and Mission Statement

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The Office of Off-Campus Housing Affairs strives to provide relevant programs, services, and resources to assist all students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of safe and affordable housing while attending the University of Washington.
"The Office of Off-Campus Housing Affairs is also associated with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) at the University of Washington."
For more information please check out the Off-Campus Housing Affairs Website as it is updated:

About OCHA

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We opened our doors in May of 1980 to facilitate the increasing demand with off-campus housing issues. This website serves to promote and extend the services provided by the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) and the Off-Campus Housing Affairs (OCHA) Office. The student run OCHA office provides assistance to students, faculty and staff on housing issues and off-campus housing availability. The friendly staff at OCHA is here to help and provide the UW community with a central location where they can gather non-UW (off-campus) owned housing information.
Our services, as follows, are highlighted throughout this site. Keep in mind, OCHA is not a division of Housing and Food Services (HFS) which is responsible for managing all University owned, on-campus, housing. OCHA maintains listings for off-campus rentals, roommates wanted, housing wanted, exchanges and sublets; however, OCHA never recommends or endorses any listings. Check-out OCHA's online database for hundreds of housing listings! Advertise and browse for FREE!!! UW's Board of Regents has reaffirmed for many years that off-campus markets are the primary sources for student housing. With this in mind, OCHA is committed to bringing students and faculty/staff up to date information on listings, apartments and other housing resources in order to ease housing transitions.
We do not look for a place for you nor do we match you with potential landlords or roommates. Our office acts as a clearinghouse, similar to the classified ads section of your daily newspaper. It is up to you to contact the potential landlord or roommate directly and make further inquiries. The office and database serves as a posting service for off-campus housing information. Listings are usually received about one month in advance and remain posted for three weeks. We also have a variety of housing related resources available in our office for students and others visiting UW on a temporary basis.

Contact Information

Off-Campus Housing Affairs Director: Joshua Grandinetti

Advisor: Christina Coop

Office: HUB 131J

Phone: 206.543.8997


Facebook: ASUW Off-Campus Housing Affairs


Off-Campus Housing Affairs Assistant Director

Off-Campus Housing Affairs Housing Services Coordinator

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