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About STF

The Student Technology Fee Committee was established in 1996 by Washington state law (RCW 28B.15.051) to direct the spending of funds raised by the Student Technology Fee (STF) levied on students (with agreement by respective student governments) by the same law. As of 2009 the fee was $41.00 per student per quarter in addition to other fees and charges. Unlike tuition increases, the Student Technology Fee, as directed by statute, is to be used "exclusively for technology resources for general student use." Money from the technology fee is not to be used to fund items that should properly be funded by legislative or administrative funds, nor is it anticipated that these funds will cover ongoing operational costs and/or supplies. At the University of Washington, the STF committee is composed of student representatives from both the ASUW and GPSS.


During the 2008-2009 Academic year, the STFC affected a change in its bylaws, changing the number of representatives on the committee to a total of ten (10) members to be allocated proportionally from the total number of students. The Chair of the Committee was also changed in the Bylaws, so that they do not count against the constituency they came from, and they no longer have a vote except in the case of a tie. This also means that the allocation of the number of members the ASUW and GPSS get to appoint will be based on a rolling average of the current and preceding three years for the upcoming year, and re-apportionment will occur every year based on the previously described method.

Current/Past Leadership


  • Chair: Edward Jiang/Sanjay Hari
  • Vice Chair: Sanjay Hari
  • Program Coordinator: Josh Hansen-King

2009-2010 Leadership

  • Chair: Gareth Snow
  • Vice Chair:
  • Program Coordinator: Asa LaMusga

2008-2009 Leadership

  • Chair: Neil Rotta
  • Vice Chair: Ben Livneh
  • Program Coordinator: Asa LaMusga

2007-2008 Leadership

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