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Sam Weinstein serves as the ASUW Director of Programming for the 110th Session. She previously served as the RHSA Director of Programming.

Goals for 2010-2011

Building programs to bridge gaps

-I will plan and execute a wide range of programs that will appeal to all different parts of campus, in order to build a more cohesive campus community.

-I will reach out to Greek students, residence halls students, students belonging to various RSO’s, students involved with the commissions, and students who are still looking to join the UW community.

Preserving the core of ASUW

-With the HUB closing, many are concerned that ASUW will lose what it has been for so long and I am here to make sure that the legacy of ASUW remains intact.

-I will continue to produce traditional events that the UW community values, such as Homecoming and HUB Crawl.

Outreach and working as a resource to student organizations

-With the HUB and ECC closing, it is my goal to serve as a mentor to student groups and advise them on other opportunities and sites on campus that are available for their meetings and programs.

Bigger, Better Programs

-I will work with the rest of the BOD, A&E, CORE, SARVA, P&P and other various student organizations to make sure that ASUW puts out high quality and fun events.



-RHSA Director of Programming

-RHSA at Large ASUW Senator

-RHSA Head Representative for Hansee Hall

-Hansee Hall Vice President


-ASUW Publicity and Programming Committee Member

-ASUW Joint Commissions Committee Member

-ASUW Election Administration Committee Member

-ASUW Homecoming Selection Committee Member

-ASUW HUB Renovation Major Programmatic Initiatives Committee Member

-RHSA Programming and Publicity Committee Chair

-RHSA Winterfest Committee Chair

-RHSA Officer Selection Committee Member

-RHSA No Frills Bid Committee Member

-RHSA Cuisine Action Committee Member

-Tunnel of Oppression Committee Chair

-Women’s History Month Committee Member

-Hansee Hall Ball Committee Co-Chair

-Hansee Hall Haunted House Committee Member

Campus Community Involvement

-ASUW Ambassador

-ASUW Ambassador Mentor

-ASUW Husky Mentor

-ASUW Every Body Everybody Fashion Show Model

-Student Advocacy Alliance Cohort Member

-NACURH Conference Delegate

-PACURH Conference Delegate

-No Frills Conference Volunteer

-National Residence Hall Honorary Member

Greater Community Involvement

-Pipeline Tutor at Brighton Elementary School

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