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The needs of underrepresented groups on campus should remain a priority for the University despite the economic situation, and I will ensure that the University remain committed to working on expanding opportunities and programs that address these needs. I will continue previous work to support efforts of students, and community members to make the University a welcoming place with a strong focus on diversity and social justice issues.

The change that happens on this campus is due to the hard work of students, and my first desire is to support those passionate, dedicated students who are creating change - through educational events, celebrations, awareness weeks, rallies, tutoring and mentorship programs, drag shows, student-created and taught classes about various issues, and many more creative ways of engaging with the University to address the needs of the student body. I believe in student power and supporting the many groups addressing issues of underrepresented communities on this campus is how I believe the University will become the place we envision for the future.


  • Overseeing Capital Projects, especially the ECC/T renovation and the construction of the House of Knowledge, and ensure that the student voice is heard throughout these processes.
  • Working with the Faculty Council on Minority Affairs to promote awareness about oppression and diversity in classrooms, different departments, and among faculty and staff.
  • Supporting the eight diversity commissions and ensuring that their programming is not affected by the current economic situation.
  • Working with RHSA, IFC, Pan-Hellenic, and the Daily to promote awareness about social justice issues.
  • Improving communication between campus organizations and between the three UW campuses so that diversity is always at the forefront of the University’s actions.
  • Supporting the efforts of student leaders to promote diversity and awareness about oppression and social justice issues.
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