Stevens Mercer Activities Council

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Stevens Mercer Activities Council

  • Also known as "SMAC".
  • A hall council under the umbrella organization of RHSA at the University of Washington.
  • The council had its final session during the 2008-2009 academic year. The various needs of students in Stevens Court apartments and Mercer Hall were too different to justify a joint council. The decision was made to split the council in the Stevens Court Student Council and Mercer Hall Council.

Executive Councils


   President ~ Ciara Clemons 
   Vice President ~ Winnie Cheung 
   Admin. Manager ~ Cami Culbertson 
   Treasurer ~ Ben Dekker 
   Programming Director ~ Alisa Maleng 
   Publicity Director ~ Sylvia Howard 
   Head RHSA Rep ~ Jeanne McKeever 
   RHSA Rep ~ Audrey Hara 
   RHSA Rep ~ Helen Hunt 
   RHSA Rep ~ Randy Xun 
   RHSA Rep ~ Wenjia Shen 
   ASUW Senator ~ John Hyder 
   ASUW Senator ~ Ka Young Lee 
   ASUW Senator ~ Michelle Kim 
   Advisor ~ Megan Graves


   President ~ Melvin Donaldson
   Vice President ~ Haggai Dziesietnik
   Admin. Manager ~ Ciara Clemons
   Treasurer ~ 
   Programming Director ~ Hillary Morris 
   Publicity Director ~ Abbie Tonry
   Head RHSA Rep ~ Jeanne McKeever 
   RHSA Rep ~ 
   RHSA Rep ~ 
   RHSA Rep ~ 
   RHSA Rep ~  
   ASUW Senator ~ Samantha Kraft
   ASUW Senator ~ 
   Advisor ~ Sharae Wheeler 

2006-2007 President ~ Andrew Clark

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