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Yutaka Jono served as Graduate and Professional Student Senate Secretary from 2005-2009


Brief Biography

Yutaka graduated from Occidental College with a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs and Music. He received his MA in politics and MA in music from Claremont Graduate University. In his third year as an officer for GPSS, he hopes to use his institutional knowledge and experience to better graduate and professional students' lives. His academic interests include Schenkerian analysis, frequency analysis, music of Olivier Messiaen, and the cultural phenomenon of Hannah Montana.

Goals for 2008-2009:

  • To inspire and inform undergraduate students so that they too can be attending graduate and professional schools in the future. In order to meet this goal would like to start a "Gear-up for Grad" program right here at UW
  • To serve as institutional memory for the Board of Directors, as a returning member
  • Work collaboratively on campus-wide issues such as local control
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