108th Session

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Board of Directors

Taskforces Created

The Medal of Honor Memorial Taskforce was continued by the Board of Directors on October 30, 2008 by Board Bill 4.04.

The Board of Directors created the taskforce as a way to support the works of Chris Bruno in his efforts to replace all incandescent light bulbs on the UW Campus with Compact Flourescent Lamps.


Board of Directors Bills are organized by type according to the ASUW Bylaws. The electronic files of each of these bills can be found on the ASUW Records website

1.Board of Directors Bills regarding amendments to either the ASUW Constitution or Bylaws;and

2.Board of Directors Bills regarding appointments to be confirmed by the Board of Directors; and

BOD Bill 2.01: To Hire the Office of Governmental Relations Assistant Dire Approved

BOD Bill 2.02: To Hire the Arts and Entertainment Concerts Coordinator Approved

BOD Bill 2.03: To Make an Interim Appointment of the Executive Assistant Approved

BOD Bill 2.04: To Appoint David Kwan to the Student Publications Board Approved

BOD BIll 2.05: To Appoint Misun Kim to the Course Fee Review Committee Approved

BOD Bill 2.06: To Appoint Phuong Nguyen to the Faculty Council of Academic Approved

BOD Bill 2.07: To Appoint Nathan Snyder and Daisy Dong to the 2008-2009 Sp Approved

BOD Bill 2.08: To Appoint Dalia Amin, Tyson Johnston and David Liou to the Approved

BOD Bill 2.09: To Appoint At-Large Senators for the 2008-2009 Academic Yea Approved

BOD Bill 2.10: To Hire the Administrative Assistant to the President and F Approved

BOD Bill 2.11: To Appoint Tina Phan to the 2008-2009 Special Appropriation Approved

BOD Bill 2.12: To Appoint Di Yang and Marie Di Carlo to the 2008-2009 Pers Approved

BOD Bill 2.13: To Appoint Jason Yu and Raihan Irani to the 2008-2009 Finan Approved

BOD Bill 2.14: To Appoint Richard Lum to the Faculty Council on Research Approved

BOD Bill 2.15: To Appoint Nathan Snyder to the Faculty Council on Univeres Approved

BOD Bill 2.16: To Appoint Chris Paredes to the Student Insurance Review Approved

BOD Bill 2.17: To Appoint Kyle Albert to the Faculty Council on Educationa Approved

BOD Bill 2.18: To Appoint Chris Paredes to the Faculty Council on Tri-Camp Approved

BOD Bill 2.19: To Appoint Neil Rotta, Andrew Everett, Kaitlyn Grady and Ca Approved

BOD Bill 2.20: To Appoint Jonathan Spatacean to the 2008-2009 Personnel Co Approved

BOD Bill 2.21: To Appoint Almeera Anwar to the Environmental Stewardship A Approved

BOD Bill 2.22: To Appoint Phuong Nguyen and Chris Paredes to the Hall Heal Approved

BOD Bill 2.23: To Appoint Ben Nelson to the Finance and Budget Committee Approved

BOD Bill 2.24: To Appoint Almeera Anwar to the Judicial Committee Approved

BOD Bill 2.25: To Appoint Jason Padvorac to the Faculty Council on Facilit Approved

BOD Bill 2.26: To Appoint Maria Guillen to the Faculty Council on Women in Approved

BOD Bill 2.27: To Hire the Elections Administration Committee Chair Approved

BOD Bill 2.28: To Hire the Housing Services Coordinator for the Off-Campus Approved

BOD Bill 2.29: To Appoint Jordan Villeneuve to the Medal of Honor Taskforc Approved

BOD Bill 2.30: To Appoint Patrick Hoey to the 2008-2009 Special Appropriat Approved

BOD Bill 2.31: To Appoint Andrew Fung to the Course Fee Review Committee Approved

BOD Bill 2.32: To Appoint Mario Teulilo as the interim Pacific Islander St Approved

BOD Bill 2.34: To Appoint Sarah Round to the Judicial Committee Approved

3.Board of Directors Bills regarding the ASUW budget; and

4.Board of Directors Bills regarding general policy of the Association; and

5.Student Senate Bills introduced by the Student Senate representative.

Significant Accomplishments

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