112th Session

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Board of Directors

New Developments in this Session

  • The first year of the Office of Communications and the Office of Volunteer Opportunities
  • The creation of the Director of Service and Partnerships' position
  • Elections Policies and Procedures Reform
  • Husky Pride Fund Revitalization
  • Senate Membership Reform
  • Point of Sale technology introduced to the Bike Shop

For more comprehensive information, see the Quarterly Reports for Board members and all ASUW Entities at records.asuw.org

Association Values

Advocacy: Serve as the democratic voice for students to advance student interests and provide opportunities to become educated and active citizens.
Community: Strengthen community partnerships and actively collaborate with campus organizations to promote mutual understanding through an engaged student body.
Diversity: Create an accountable environment that fosters growth, solidarity, and a complex understanding of multiple identities both internally and externally.
Involvement: Actively engage a diverse student body by encouraging participation, personal investment, and leadership opportunities through a common purpose.
Progress: Pursue innovative opportunities to assure continued growth and efficiency within the Association.
Service: Consistently provide relevant and quality resources, experiences and opportunities that fulfill student needs and enrich their lives.
Transparency: Pursue an accessible and accountable Association through our actions and decision-making processes.
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