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'''ASUW Committees'''
ASUW appoints volunteers to all the committees below. Some are open, while others require an approval from the [[Board of Directors]]. Check our website for more detailed information at
=Delineated Committees=
* [[Judicial Committee]]
* [[Elections Administration Committee]]
* [[Legislative Steering Committee]]
* [[Finance & Budget Committee]]
* [[Personnel Committee]]
* [[Publicity and Programming Committee]]
* [[Governance Committee]]
=Standing Committees=
* [[Special Appropriations Committee]]
* [[Joint Commissions Committee]]
* [[Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness]]
* [[Course Fee Review Committee]]
* [[Legislative Planning Committee]]
* [[Committee on Student Safety]] (Formerly Committee on Crime Prevention)
* [[Husky Pride Fund Committee]]
=Inactive Committees=
* [[Committee on Student Safety]]
* [[Committee on Corporate Repsonsibility]]
* [[Radio Station Advisory Board]]

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