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(2009 ASUW Elections)
(2009 ASUW Elections)
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[[Shauna Stadnik]] served as [[Elections Administration Committee Chair]].
[[Shauna Stadnik]] served as [[Elections Administration Committee Chair]].
[[Media:2009_Election_Summary.pdf|Election Summary]]
[[Media:2009_Election_Details.pdf|Election Details]]
=2008 ASUW Elections=
=2008 ASUW Elections=

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ASUW Elections are administrated by the Elections Administration Committee in accordance with the Elections Policies and Procedures, ASUW Constitution, and ASUW Bylaws.

2009 ASUW Elections

The 2009 ASUW Elections for the 109th Session featured ten registered candidates for the eight elected Board of Directors positions. Stephanie Adler, candidate for Director of Diversity Efforts withdrew from the race, leaving only the position of President contested. There were also write-in candidates for Director of Diversity Efforts and Director of Community Relations.

Shauna Stadnik served as Elections Administration Committee Chair.

Election Summary

Election Details

2008 ASUW Elections

The 2008 ASUW Elections featured a relatively high turnout, high candidate participation, and serious election complaints (See: 2008 Controversy Over Proposed Ballot Measures).

[Election Summary]

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