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  • A&E- Arts and Entertainment
  • AAs- Administrative Assistants
  • AISC- American Indian Student Commission
  • ASC- Asian Student Commission
  • ASUW- Associated Students of the University of Washington
  • ASUWOGRA- Office of Government Relations Assistant
  • ASUWOGRC- Office of Government Relations Coordinator
  • ASUWOGRD- Office of Government Relations Director
  • BOD- Board of Directors
  • BSC- Black Student Commission
  • CEDA- Committee of Eating Disorder Awareness
  • CIC- Commuters Issues Caucus
  • CORE- Committee Organizing Rape Education
  • EAC- Elections Administration Committee
  • ECC- Ethnic Cultural Center
  • ECT- Ethnic Cultural Theater
  • EPP- Elections Policy and Procedures
  • EXCO- Experimental College
  • F&B Committee- Finance and Budget Committee
  • F&B Director- Finance and Budget Director
  • FIUTS- Foundation for International Understanding Through Students
  • GBLTC- Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender Commission
  • GPSS- Graduate and Professional Student Senate
  • HFS- Housing and Food Services
  • HSC- Housing Services Coordinator
  • IFC- University of Washington Interfraternity Council
  • IMA- Intramural Activities
  • JCC- Joint Commission Committee
  • LPC- Legislative Planning Committee
  • LSC- Legislative Steering Committee*OCHA- Off-Campus Housing Affairs
  • NCP- New Course Proposal
  • NPHC- National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • OGR- Office of Government Relations
  • PanHel- University of Washington Panhellenic Association
  • PISC- Pacific Islander Student Commission
  • RHSA- Resident Halls Student Association
  • SAB- Student Advisory Board
  • SAF- Services and Activities Fee
  • SAO- Student Advisory Office
  • SARVA- Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness
  • SAUF- Student Activities and Union Facilities
  • SDC- Student Disability Commission
  • SHIP- Student Heathcare Insurance Plan
  • STF- Student Techonolgy Fee
  • RCW- Revised Code of Washington
  • RIF- Returning Instructor Form
  • RSO- Registered Student Organization
  • UGC- United Greek Council
  • UW- University of Washington
  • UWL- University of Washington Leaders
  • WAC- Womens Action Commission
  • WAC- Waterfront Activities Center
  • WAC- Washington Administrative Code
  • WashPIRG- Washington Public Interest Research Group
  • WSL- Washington Student Lobby
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