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During Winter Quarter of the 110th Session the Board of Directors reflected on the strategic goals of the organization and President Madeleine McKennaand Vice President Eric Shellan led the Board of Directors in creating a new vision for the delineation of duties. With the success of the Public Relations Coordinator position the Board of Directors recognized the need to have a similar position at the board level. There was debate between the Student Senate and the Board of Directors on whether, or not the position should be hired or elected. The ultimate decision by the board was to have the position be one of the six at-large position and change it to the title Director of Communications. The role would be charged to oversee external communications for all of ASUW, liaison to the Daily, oversee Technology, and Chair the Publicity and Programming Committee. The Vice President became internally focused and would be charged with strategic planning for the organization, coordinate financial planning with the Finance and Budget Director, liaison to the enterprises, and be the Chief Operating Officer for the Association. The Vice President's former responsibilities of selecting volunteers was divided among the other board positions. The The Director of Community Relations would be responsible for being the board liaison to UW Leaders and ASUW Ambassadors. The charts below include the aforementioned changes and not listed.

Revised Organizational Chart

10-11 Board of Directors Chart

These charts were created by Vice President Eric Shellan

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