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Office Hours

2008-2009 CORE Director: Jacqueline Mayer

TITLE: Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE) Director


TERM: 34 Weeks total

HOURS: 15 Hours/Week (Fall – 12 weeks)

20 Hours/Week (Winter, Spring – 22 weeks)



The CORE Director is responsible for recruitment of volunteers, creation of training manuals, presentation exercises and promotion for CORE. The director oversees the training program for new volunteers and advocates the concerns of sexual assault survivors.


1. Act as representative and advocate the issues and concerns of students on the campus community surrounding the issues of sexual assault.

2. Responsible for recruitment, supervision, and monitoring of volunteers to assist in program development and implementation.

3. Oversee and coordinate training sessions for new CORE volunteers.

4. Oversee the coordination, planning and implementation of all CORE presentations. Delegate these tasks to the CORE Office Assistant as applicable.

5. Inform student of resources available on and off campus that provide services for sexual assault survivors.

6. Maintain a good working relationship with the ASUW, its commissions, programs, and other agencies.

7. Establish and coordinate promotion and publicity necessary for effective programming.

8. Sit on interviews set by ASUW Personnel Committee for hiring of new director (if not reapplying), to assure continuity.

9. Responsible for initiating a meeting with the new director to ensure a timely transition.

10. Chair and coordinate interviews for selecting new CORE volunteers.

11. Oversee the expenditures of the budget and keep financial records up to date.

12. Initiate all necessary paperwork for the operation of the committee, according to established procedures and timelines. Delegate these tasks to the CORE Office Assistant as applicable.

13. Prepare and submit quarterly reports detailing activities, budget status, and problems/suggestions to the BOD.

14. Plan and coordinate Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness (SARVA) Week.

15. Attend the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness (SARVA) Week Committee meetings, the Sexual Assault Programming Committee meetings and the Crime Prevention Committee meetings.

16. Meet with the SAO advisor upon request, and participate in quarterly evaluation process.

17. Meet with ASUW Personnel Director upon request.

18. Participate in quarterly evaluation process with SAO advisor.

19. According to guidelines established by the Finance & Budget Committee develop an annual budget including goals, and submit to F&B and BOD for approval.

20. Responsible for chairing and coordinating CORE meetings regularly.

21. Maintain confidentiality regarding disclosure of sexual assault.

22. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in the Student Employment Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy and signed memorandum of understanding.

23. Ensure completion and quality of work done; ensure that all phone calls, requests, and questions are addressed properly and in a timely manner.

24. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions, including but not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation.

25. Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO of office hours.

26. Inform ASUW Personnel Director and SAO Adviser of missed office hours.

27. Complete quarterly goals and evaluations as arranged by the ASUW [[Personnel Director]].

28. Serve as a member of the ASUW Personnel Hiring Committee in the Spring to hire the new CORE Director (if not applying for that position), to ensure continuity.


1. Has successfully completed CORE training or an equal number of hours of comparable training.

2. Administrative and supervisory ability.

3. Awareness of problems of sexual assault on and off campus.

4. Ability to develop and adhere to a budget.

5. Oral and written communication skills.

6. Awareness if campus and off-campus resources regarding sexual assault issues.

7. Ability to plan, coordinate, and implement educational programming relevant to sexual assault issues.

8. Ability to advise and refer when appropriate.

9. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 credits for undergraduates, 4 for graduates, or on leave as defined by Executive Order 50.

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