Committee Organizing Rape Education Office Assistant

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Office Hours

CORE Assistant Director: Daniel Reid

TITLE: Committee Organizing Rape Education Office Assistant


TERM: 32 Weeks


ASUW Core Office Assistant Job Description

Job Summary

The CORE office assistant is responsible for administrative and office tasks and furthering CORE’s mission by helping the office run smoothly. This includes scheduling presentations, keeping records current, and communications with the public.

Job Description

1. Schedule and coordinate all CORE presentations.

2. Oversee the creation and updating of CORE brochures and sexual assault information sheets for distribution to students.

3. Keep accurate, updated records of CORE financial expenditures.

4. Maintain, organize, and update office files and records.

5. Responsible for coordinating web-page updates and working with ASUW Webmaster.

6. Complete small projects as assigned.

7. Maintain and inform the ASUW of office hours.

8. Meet with Student Activities Office advisor upon request.

9. Follow ASUW, SAO, and State of Washington procedures and policies.

10. Review and adhere to conditions as stated in the Student Employment Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy, and signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding.


1. Awareness and/or interest in issues CORE deals with, including sexual assault and relationship violence.

2. Strong time management skills.

3. High reliability.

4. Organized and self-directed, able to work independently.

5. Familiar with general computing skills and proficient in MS Office.

6. It is preferred that this employee will be able to hold regular office hours during the day in order to work with the CORE Director and Assistant Director effectively.

7. Must be a UW students enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate credits, 4 graduate credits, or as defined by Executive Order 50.

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