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Dalia Amin is currently Director of Diversity Efforts for the 109th Session. She was a candidate for Vice President in the 2010 ASUW Elections.

See Also: Dalia Amin's 2009 Director of Diversity Efforts Platform

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Work with the ASUW commissions to create a new community gateway program for diversity efforts on campus.
  • Encourage broad participation in diversity affairs by supporting university efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body, recommending retention activities, and working with the academic deans on retention strategies.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships with community organizations, and government agencies to create programs that provide networking and communication avenues for student recruitment and collaborations in support of diversity.
  • Communicate effectively with the ASUW Vice President to recruit diverse individuals for ASUW volunteer positions.
  • Host commission forums to discuss and propel student involvement in various projects on campus.
  • Develop innovative student and employee activities that promote diversity. Plan and direct a Diversity Fair to celebrate and explore one of UW’s most beautiful aspects of diversity.
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