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Office Hours

Job Description

In the 112th session the Board of Directors changed the Director of Communications from being an elected position on the Board, to a hired and ex-officio member of the Board. Subsequently, the position title also changed from Director of Communications to Communications Director.

In the 110th session the Board of Directors reorganized the board of directors duties and positions. As a result, the duties of the Director of Organizational relations shifted to other board members and the position was replaced with the Director of Communications.

Delineated Duties




The Communications Director shall:

A. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors without vote, and shall be hired by the Board of Directors through the Personnel hiring process. This individual shall take office with incoming Board of Directors but shall be responsible for learning the position over Spring Quarter;
B. Develop strategic marketing and communication plans designated to increase the visibility of ASUW,its events, services and brand;
C. Work with the ASUW Board of Directors and other ASUW entities to develop a branding strategy that effectively communicates to the student body;
D. Serve as the primary write, editor, and content manager for Association-wide promotional materials;
E. Direct ASUW external communications, such as writing and copy editing press releases, editing speeches, providing professional and constituent correspondence, and other published materials;
F. Oversee and manage the Office of Communications;
G. Communicate with on and off campus media and serve as the Board of Directors liaison to The Daily;
H. Create an Annual Report for the ASUW’s constituents and stakeholders that highlights how the organization is working to meet strategic goals;
I. Serve as a resource for ASUW entities for developing their own publicity and visibility strategies;
J. Work to standardize publicity efforts across the Association by educating employees about effective communication efforts;
K. Ensure consistency and development of brand and marketing strategy across all employed media: social media, websites, email market, flyers, agendas, print, and any other relevant sources;
L. Meet quarterly with the Personnel Director;
M. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their successes, and report to the Board of Directors on programs’ levels of progress in achieving these benchmarks;
N. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job description issues with liaison employees. If needed, work with them to recommend necessary sanctions or other correction action according to the ASUW Personnel Policy;
O. Meet with the Student Activities Office adviser as needed and upon request, as well as participating in a quarterly evaluation process;
P. Submit quarterly reports as assigned by the Director of Policy and Procedures and Personnel Director;
Q. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the ASUW Autumn Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings; and
R. Complete a transition binder to be submitted to the Personnel Director by the end of Spring


Current and Past Directors

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