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Office Hours


Job Description

You help to organize the thoughts and processes involved in campus-wide programming, and then you get the word out. Honestly, that's what I do. And campus-wide doesn't always mean it's a huge program that's as massive and incredible as the Fall Fling concert or Homecoming, but it means you put yourself out there to the campus to lend a hand. For example, I had a student come in to the office today and wanted to know what he had to do to put on a hip-hop concert. I told him to plan out what dates he was looking at, what kind of marketing he was thinking about doing, and then general assessment of the event. Then I said, bring to me what you then have, by say, Wednesday, and I'll help you narrow some things down and really put focus where it's needed, and what to do about funding. I like to be the one to help out to get things going. It makes me feel like my job is being completed one step-at-a-time.

Aside from helping others, there is also room for you to do your own programming, your own event(s). This is fun, since after you've been behind the desk for a couple rounds, you start to realize all the loops that need to be jumped, who needs to be talked to, what process is involved, and then from there, you know what exactly you can do and how to do it.

110th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Programming

Sam Weinstein

Goals for 2010-2011

Building programs to bridge gaps

-I will plan and execute a wide range of programs that will appeal to all different parts of campus, in order to build a more cohesive campus community.

-I will reach out to Greek students, residence halls students, students belonging to various RSO’s, students involved with the commissions, and students who are still looking to join the UW community.

Preserving the core of ASUW

-With the HUB closing, many are concerned that ASUW will lose what it has been for so long and I am here to make sure that the legacy of ASUW remains intact.

-I will continue to produce traditional events that the UW community values, such as Homecoming and HUB Crawl.

Outreach and working as a resource to student organizations

-With the HUB and ECC closing, it is my goal to serve as a mentor to student groups and advise them on other opportunities and sites on campus that are available for their meetings and programs.

Bigger, Better Programs

-I will work with the rest of the BOD, A&E, CORE, SARVA, P&P and other various student organizations to make sure that ASUW puts out high quality and fun events.

109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Director of Programming

Kyle Fuller

Goals for 2009-2010


  • I will: work with the Director of Diversity Efforts and the Commission Directors to create more multi-cultural programs that bring our campus together.
  • I will utilize the resources of the Women’s Center, Q Center, and Ethnic Cultural Center, and create a more connected community on our campus for all students.


  • We deserve to have our voices heard. I will bring politicians and world leaders to our campus to ensure our opinions are heard.
  • I will work with CORE and SARVA to educate our campus about sexual violence through effective programming and advertising.


  • I will work with Arts and Entertainment to bring diverse world-class musicians and comedians to UW that will appeal to a broader student base.


  • The ASUW website will have an ongoing discussion boards  where you can tell me what programs you like, do not like, and what you want to see.
  • The website will have polls where you can vote on who you would like to see.

Delineated Duties




Exerpt from ASUW Bylaws Article I Section 5, (C) 5

The Director of Programming shall:

a. Chair the Publicity and Programming Committee;
b. Assist the Director of Diversity Efforts in diversity programming;
c. Manage the Programming Blog and related wbsite information;
d. Oversee and maintain the Husky Pride Fund;
e. Establish and maintain relationships with the University of Washington Alumni Association Homecoming event.
f. Act as a resource to Registered Student Organizations and commissions on programming guidelines;
g. Coordinate all general programming, and act as the Board liaison to Arts and Entertainment, the Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE), and act as liaison to the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness Committee;
h. Work with the Vice-President to create association wide promotional and informational materials and update as needed;
i. Complete all other related tasks involving the Association not delineated in the Bylaws and as assigned by the ASUW President, with review from the Board of Directors

Current and Past Directors

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