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Office Hours

Job Description

You help to organize the thoughts and processes involved in campus-wide programming, and then you get the word out. Honestly, that's what I do. And campus-wide doesn't always mean it's a huge program that's as massive and incredible as the Fall Fling concert or Homecoming, but it means you put yourself out there to the campus to lend a hand. For example, I had a student come in to the office today and wanted to know what he had to do to put on a hip-hop concert. I told him to plan out what dates he was looking at, what kind of marketing he was thinking about doing, and then general assessment of the event. Then I said, bring to me what you then have, by say, Wednesday, and I'll help you narrow some things down and really put focus where it's needed, and what to do about funding. I like to be the one to help out to get things going. It makes me feel like my job is being completed one step-at-a-time.

Aside from helping others, there is also room for you to do your own programming, your own event(s). This is fun, since after you've been behind the desk for a couple rounds, you start to realize all the loops that need to be jumped, who needs to be talked to, what process is involved, and then from there, you know what exactly you can do and how to do it.

Delineated Duties




Exerpt from ASUW Bylaws Article I Section 5, (C) 5

The Director of Programming shall:

a. Oversee and coordinate all general and inter-ASUW collaborative programming;
b. Serve as the Chair of the Husky Pride Fund Committee;
c. Oversee and maintain the Husky Pride Fund;
d. Serve as the BOD liaison to Arts and Entertainment;
e. Serve as the BOD liaison to the Student Health Consortium;
f. Serve as the BOD liaison to Rainy Dawg;
g. Serve as the BOD liaison to the Committee Organizing Rape Education;
h. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year and monitor their performance under that plan on a regular basis;
i. Work with Rainy Dawg to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their success, and report to the Board of Directors weekly on program’s level of progress in achieving these benchmarks;
j. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job performance issues with Rainy Dawg employees;
k. Serve as the BOD liaison to the University Book Store and nominate volunteers to serve as ASUW Representatives to the University Bookstore Board of Trustees by using the open-selection process;
l. Establish and maintain relationships with the University of Washington Alumni Association Homecoming event;
m. Assist all Board members in programming efforts;

Current and Past Directors

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