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The Elections Policies Procedures (EPP) is the set of rules that is used to run the Spring elections every year. The Judicial Committee is responsible for editing and updating the EPP yearly. The Elections Administration Committee and the EAC Chair are guided by the EPP in filing procedure, forums, endorsements, elections complaints and other elections procedure.

Past and Present EPPs

Can be found on this page

ASUW Bylaws Regarding the EPP


A. The Judicial Committee shall be responsible for adopting Elections Policies and Procedures, and then submitting those Policies and Procedures to the Board of Directors for their review and approval. Approval of the Policies and Procedures shall take two readings of the Board of Directors. In no case shall the Board of Directors receive these Policies and Procedures later than the end of the fifth week of Winter Quarter.
B. The Elections Policies and Procedures shall be subject to Board of Directors approval.
C. The Elections Policies and Procedures shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
1. Candidacy filing requirements;
2. Withdrawal from candidacy requirements;
3. Campaign Rules;
4. Fair Campaign Practices Statement;
5. Listing and classifying violations;
6. Complaint and hearing timeline procedure;
7. Violation penalties;
8. Provisions for write-in votes and absentee ballots; and
9. Guidelines for selection of Poll locations.
D. It shall be the duty of the Judicial Committee Chair to supply the EAC Chair with the last year's Elections Policies and Procedures.
E. Candidates' Packets shall be finalized and made available to the public and to The Daily by second week of Spring Quarter. Candidates' Packets shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
1. Portions of the ASUW Constitution pertinent to elections;
2. Bylaws of the Board of Directors Article XI;
3. Elections Policies and Procedures;
4. Official filing form, to include the Fair Campaign Practices Statement;
5. University of Washington Physical Plant Policy;
6. Poll locations;
7. Platform Statement Information;
8. Elections Calendar;
9. Financial Disclosure Deadline and Information; and
10. Financial Disclosure Forms.
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