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Evelina Vaisvilaite is serving as the Director of Policy and Procedures for the 113th Session of the ASUW Board of Directors. Vaisvilaite is a Junior at the University of Washington, studying Communications and Sales. Over the past three years, she has also been involved with Zeta Tau Alpha, UW First Year Programs, ASUW Student Senate, UW Leaders Program, ASUW Committee on Student Safety, UW Services and Activities Fee Committee, and Undergraduate Women in Business.



  • Utilizing the ASUW Technology Team to ensure that all entity websites are up-to-date and reflective of the ASUW's present functions and also to perpetuate the institutional memory of the association through maintenance of the online records pages.
  • Collaborating with the ASUW President and Communications Director to create a more transparent association through Student Question and Answer Videos.
  • Working alongside the Elections Administration Committee Chair to ensure that the workings of the ASUW are being promoted in a way that makes students more knowledgeable and engaged.


  • Legitimizing the Judicial Committee's role as both a recommendation body and a resource to students and groups.
  • The implementation of an Elections Policies & Procedures Advisory Committee (EPPAC), dedicated to steering the review and recommendation of content changes to the Elections Policies and Procedures in Autumn Quarter.
  • Establishing a clear and solid relationship between the ASUW Board of Directors and the Student Senate by serving as a resourceful liaison and line of communication between the two.
  • Taking initiative to ensure that a strong connection and understanding between ASUW and GPSS is created and maintained throughout the year.


  • Serving the role as the Parliamentarian for the Board of Directors.
  • Creating an effective process for ASUW entities to create goals and accomplish them by working with the Vice President to form entity mission statements that coherently reflect their purpose and actions.
  • Continuously re-evaluating the governing documents to ensure there is consistency between those and the day-to-day functions of the association, thereby also constantly ensuring that the association is fulfilling its role and best serving students.
  • Making sure that quarterly reports, entity check-ins, and annual reports are submitted in a timely manner, and that these reports are cohesive and completed well.
  • Establishing and maintaining regular communication with the entities I liaison to (the Student Senate, EAC, GPSS, and Tech Team) regarding operational initiatives, and contributing to their projects, research, and development as necessary.
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