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This committee assists the Finance and Budget Director in preparing the annual budget for ASUW. The committee is comprised of 6 volunteers (4 At-Large appointments through the open-selection process, 2 Student Senators appointed in Senate), the ASUW President or more often a proxy, the Director of Organizational Relations, and the Finance and Budget Director. Rene Singleton, the Assistant Director of the HUB also attends meetings and is an ex-officio member of the committee.

During the year, the committee is responsible for reviewing funding requests from entities, in particular, they look over capital expenditure requests and make recommendations on these to the Board of Directors. They may also look over line-item transfers in entity budgets (upon request). Of course, the main function of the committee is to prepare a recommended budget to the Board of Directors by the end of winter quarter. See Timeline.

Committee members will act as liaisons to a several ASUW entities and programs and will help answer any financial questions they may have and will also become familiar with those entities, which will aid them in preparing the budget. Committee members will learn and be responsible for all current ASUW, University, and State policies governing the use and allocation of student funds.

Learning Outcomes for the Committee are:

  • Fiscally responsible budgeting practices
  • Ability to manage large budgets
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Critical thinking and analysis
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