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This committee assists the Finance and Budget Director in preparing the annual budget for the ASUW.

During the year, the committee is responsible for reviewing funding requests from entities; in particular, they look over capital expenditure requests and make recommendations on these to the Board of Directors during budget deliberations. They may also look over line-item transfers in entity budgets (upon request). Of course, the main function of the committee is to prepare a recommended budget to the Board of Directors by the end of winter quarter.

Delineated Duties

ASUW Constitution, ARTICLE XI


A. Membership.
1. There shall be nine student members as follows:
a. ASUW Budget Director, who shall act as chair;
b. ASUW President or proxy;
c. One BOD member, who shall also serve as a member of the Personnel Committee;
d. Four students chosen at-large; and
e. Two members of the Student Senate.
2. A representative of the Student Activities Office shall be a member without vote.
B. Functions of the Committee.
The Finance and Budget Committee shall:
1. Prepare and submit to the Board of Directors an annual budget which shall include an allocation of funding for the activities of the ASUW;

2. Make decisions on all ASUW expenditures not provided for in the annual budget. These decisions are subject to repeal, amendment, or postponement by the BOD;
3. All decisions of the Finance and Budget Committee are unofficial until six school days have passed, in which time the BOD must have met at least once;
4. Report to the BOD all business carried out by the committee at the next BOD meeting following the decisions of the Committee. This shall be done by the Director or his/her representative;
5. Recommend admission fees to ASUW events;
6. Make recommendations on salaries, salary ranges, and contracts;
7. Provide through the Comptroller of the University for an annual audit of accounts of the ASUW; and
8. Prepare and submit a financial report each quarter to the Board of Directors.
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