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Welcome to the positions of Finance & Budget Director of the ASUW. You have been selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants as the best candidate for performing the duties and upholding the responsibilities of this position. Herein, you will find a great deal of information dealing with the position and its responsibilities. I encourage you to read this wiki page in its entirety and refer back to it frequently as you progress throughout the year. My hope is that it will be a valuable reference and tool for you, helping to guide you through the year.

Using Your Assistant

The single best piece of advice I can give you is: USE YOUR ASSISTANT.

Don't make the same mistake I did and undervalue/estimate what your assistant does/can do for you, especially now. With expanded responsibilities, such as your seat on SAF and the current financial situation that the ASUW finds itself in, your assistant will be even more important to you now than they were to me.

It's been commented to me various times that the position of F&B Director is greatly understaffed. If you found an equivalent position in the real-world that dealt with a one million dollar budget you would probably find a full-time director and a full-time assistant. You are tasked with working as a half-time director with a quarter-time assistant. Yes, there are some differences, such as the reliance on the SAUF Accountant to do much of the nitty-gritty, but there is still a void. There are many different ways to use your assistants time, but I will suggest a few:

  • Full control over meeting scheduling, minutes, contacting committee members, etc.
  • Organizing, filing, archiving the large filing cabinet in the office (maybe you can find a better use for this hunk of metal than I could)
  • Keeping the Special Appropriations Spreadsheet up to date

It will take a bit of time getting used to the idea that you have the services of an assistant. Try and build up this relationship early in the year (coffee, lunch, something like that) in order to help foster trust. I know the hardest part for me was learning to trust that things will get done when I hand them off; when you get to that point, you will realize how beneficial an assistant can be. As I mentioned in the pre-hire, use this person as a sounding board for ideas for your committees and other challenges you deal with in the year. Input from others, especially someone who becomes intimately familiar with the day-to-day workings of your job, can be essential.

Committee Memberships

Special Appropriations Committee (Chair)

Special Appropriations Online Interface (SAOI)

Finance & Budget Committee (Chair)

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Board of Directors

The Budgeting Process

Quarter by Quarter Guidance
















Top 10 Contacts

The structure of the F&B position does not really require a great deal of outside contacts. Most (if not all) of your work is centralized within the Association so this contact list may contain many more internal folks than external. (However, after the fact, I'm finding more external people than I had originally thought!)

These are not necessarily in any specific order of importance.



Top 10 Successes & Failures

Top 10 Successes

  • The Budget, SAF Form & Narrative
  • Special Appopriations Online Interface
  • Seat on SAF
  • Late Night at By George
  • Night Ride
  • Special Appropriations Bylaw Updates
  • Use of my assistant
  • Unprecedented level of trust between SAO, SAF, SAUF and F&B Director
  • This wiki
  • Extracuricular Involvement

When I was looking at these top 10 successes, I was very pleased to see that you had been involved with F&B and Special Approps during quite a few of them.

Top 10 Failures

  • Night Ride
  • Use of my assistant
  • The Budget
  • Contact with Daily about budget situation
  • Education of the BOD when it comes to ASUW finances
  • Use of the Current Situation Spreadsheet
  • Contact with ASUW entities
  • Late Night at By George
  • "Bindering"
  • Lax on office hours

Contacting Me

You should have my cell phone number if you need to get in touch with me. You can also reach me through e-mail here. It can be overwhelming at first with all of the various entities that you have to wrap your head around, so I'll understand if I hear from you quite a bit.  :)

If not, that's great too!

Good luck!

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