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Office Hours

Delineated Duties




The Finance and Budget Director shall:

A. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors without vote, and shall be hired by the current BOD through the Personnel hiring process. This person shall take office with the incoming BOD but shall be responsible for learning the position over Spring Quarter;

B. Act as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association; C. Serve as Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee, which shall include the following responsibilities:

1. Set up an agenda for the weekly Finance and Budget Committee meeting;
2. Make appointments to discuss budget matters with student groups;
3. Prepare a report of the weekly Finance and Budget Committee meetings to be submitted to the Board of Directors at its next meeting;
4. Monitor budget appropriations and expenditures;
5. Present a financial report of the previous quarter to the Board of Directors at or before the second regularly scheduled meeting of each academic quarter;

D. Serve as a member of the Services and Activities Fee Committee and nominate volunteers to serve as ASUW Representatives on the Committee by using the open-selection process;

E. Serve as Chair of the Special Appropriations Committee;

F. Post the budget of the ASUW on the ASUW's web page;

G. Publish a budget summary in The Daily at the beginning of each quarter;

H. Complete initiated projects as directed by the President;

I. Shall meet with the ASUW President at the beginning of each quarter to establish the responsibilities and allocation of their Administrative Assistant for that respective quarter. This shall be submitted for approval to the Personnel Director no later than the second week of each quarter;

J. Attend all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings or special Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the President or Vice President;

K. Maintain accountability for twenty-five office hours per week, including twenty scheduled office hours during which time the Finance and Budget Director’s activities and/or whereabouts are known to the front office staff; (meetings and appointments may be scheduled during this time). The remaining five hours shall be utilized to complete projects, schedule meetings and appointments, or otherwise facilitate the work of the ASUW. A schedule of these hours shall be submitted to the Personnel Director by the first week of each quarter.

L. Shall supervise financial and internal operations of the ASUW in cooperation with the Vice President.

M. Advise the ASUW Board of Directors on all financial matters, including spending priorities, budget process, and financial status.

N. Meet with ASUW Programs and Net-Zeros to ensure proper execution and implementation of provisions provided in the ASUW corporate budget.

O. Lead ASUW Advancement.

Current and Past Finance & Budget Directors

Past Vice Presidents for Finance and Budget

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