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Hala Dillsi was a candidate for President in the 2006 ASUW Election.

Her platform follows:

I believe that the ASUW can be the catalyst for change we envision on this campus, which engages student involvement as each voice realizes its potential to make a difference. As ASUW President, I will infuse the Board of Directors with the voice and participation of students. Our collective voice is our strength and our leverage to effect this change in the UW community. I believe that the Board of Directors cannot simply wait for students to speak, but must intentionally ask questions where there is silence.

Connect Community

-Highlight the achievement of UW students throughout the state to promote and build a relationship with our state institutions and other student governments. -Collaborate with Washington Student Lobby and the Tri-Campus Committee, to ensure a strong relationship, foundation, and agenda for Washington State student governments. -Work with the Board of Directors to implement an advocacy tool kit for all our communities to amplify one another's voice. -Open a channel for the exchange of more substantive dialogue between our campus communities, to work with common interests and issues for a more active and informed campus.

Access to Change

-Actively bring student interests and issues to the UW Administration to engage in a dialogue that questions and challenges current policy. -Involve students in the decision making process of policy to ensure administrative accountability and student involvement. -Advocate for legislature-controlled tuition and seek student voice and opinion on the administration's newly proposed tuition models. -Advance UW's position in Olympia to continue a strong stance in the legislature on behalf of lower tuition, the prevention of extension of the student conduct code, and decreased textbook costs. -Work with the North of 45th Committee to arrive to a final resolution for the Student Conduct Code. -Engage with existing and newly created programs that seek greater access against detrimental past historical and social discrimination. -To safeguard UW's holistic admissions policy and strengthen it by bringing in student opinions, concerns and ideas to set goals with the UW Administration.

Improve Awareness of ASUW:

-Collaborate with ASUW services to develop an ASUW projects committee that works to advise and make transparent the resources available to RSOs. -Reach out as ASUW to mobilize the strength of the University community through the implementation and understanding of student concerns.

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