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The Joint Commissions Committee (JCC) unites the ASUW Diversity Commissions in an effort to better serve their constituents. Chaired by the Director of Diversity Efforts and made up of the Commission Directors and representatives from other student organizations across campus, the JCC strives to collaborate on increasing campus awareness of diversity related issues and events. The JCC's weekly meetings are open to all students, and the committee invites all students and university community members to come and let their voice be heard.


JCC was created to:

  • Provide a time for commission directors to work as a team, both as commission directors and with their board liaison.
  • Promote Inter-Commission Collaboration.
  • Provide an avenue for students to get involved with the different commissions.
  • Promote learning about intersectionalities.
  • Engage and educate the campus community about diversity through advocacy and programming.

Provisions in ASUW Bylaws

Joint Commission Committee (JCC)

1. Membership
a. There shall be a number of voting members equal to the number of Commissions plus three, to be delineated as follows:
i. The Director from each ASUW Commission;
ii. The ASUW President or proxy;
iii. The Director of Diversity Efforts, who shall serve as the Chair;
iv. One member of the Student Senate, who shall serve as a liaison between the Committee and the Senate.
b. There shall be ex-officio non-voting members, as follows:
i. A representative of the Student Activities Office;
ii. A representative of the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists;
iii. Open membership of interested undergraduate and graduate students appointed through the respective student governments’ volunteer appointment process.
2. The functions of the Joint Commissions Committee shall be as follows:
a. Allocate Joint Commissions Committee funding, in accordance with the following guidelines:
i. Any allocation must be approved by a majority of the voting members present, and contingent upon quorum being met. Quorum shall consist of at least five voting members;
ii. The Joint Commissions Committee may not financially sponsor Registered Student Organization events, but may work in collaboration with Registered Student Organizations to host events;
iii. The Chair of the Joint Commissions Committee shall provide weekly updates to the Finance and Budget Director on the status of the Joint Commissions Committee Fund;
iv. The money allocated shall foster the other stated purposes of the Committee, with an emphasis on allowing flexibility, joint programming, and any other collaboration between different Commission Directors.
b.Establish the coordination, communication, and interaction between the ASUW Commissions;
c. Disperse information related to the operation, goals, and changing condition of each

Commission to constituents;

d. Ensure the attendance and involvement of all voting members with Commission activities. The Chair shall be required to actively seek meeting times that allow for maximum attendance of all voting members;
e. The Joint Commissions Committee shall meet weekly, excepting cancellation by the Committee Chair;
f. The Commission Directors shall submit forms to the Chair every other meeting regarding individual Commission endorsements and co-sponsorships, so the Chair can submit updates to the ASUW Board of Directors.
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