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Jonathan Yan served as the ASUW Director of Organizational Relations for the 110th Session.

Goals for 2010-2011

Improvement of Current Enterprises

Improve the efficiency of ASUW enterprises by implementing new and enhancing existing financial systems (Budgeting Plans, Profit & Loss and Risk & Analysis)
Further relationships with clubs and honor societies in the field of business to help ASUW entities face the challenge of HUB remodeling
Fight to acquire a high definition radio signal and build a larger audience for Rainy Dawg Radio
Work to ensure adequate funding of student organizations and enterprises

Increasing Accessibility

Establish greater visibility of ASUW enterprises on campus through effective marketing and public outreach
Increase awareness and ease the temporary transition of the enterprises to Condon Hall during HUB remodeling
Utilize new technological channels (social networking, buzz marketing) to foster a stronger customer relationship
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