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Kyle Fuller is currently Director of Programming for the 109th Session.

She previously served as RHSA Programming Director.

Goals for 2009-2010


  • I will: work with the Director of Diversity Efforts and the Commission Directors to create more multi-cultural programs that bring our campus together.
  • I will utilize the resources of the Women’s Center, Q Center, and Ethnic Cultural Center, and create a more connected community on our campus for all students.


  • We deserve to have our voices heard. I will bring politicians and world leaders to our campus to ensure our opinions are heard.
  • I will work with CORE and SARVA to educate our campus about sexual violence through effective programming and advertising.


  • I will work with Arts and Entertainment to bring diverse world-class musicians and comedians to UW that will appeal to a broader student base.


  • The ASUW website will have an ongoing discussion boards  where you can tell me what programs you like, do not like, and what you want to see.
  • The website will have polls where you can vote on who you would like to see.
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