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'''Non-Voting Members'''
'''Non-Voting Members'''
* [[OGR Legislative Coordinator]] (Chair)
* [[OGR Director]]
* [[OGR Director]]
* [[OGR Assistant Director]]
* [[OGR Assistant Director]] (Chair)
* [[OGR Legislative Coordinator]]
* [[OGR Research Assistant]]
* [[OGR Research Assistant]]
* [[GPSS]] Representative
* [[GPSS]] Representative

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The Legislative Steering Committee is the committee that determines the ASUW Legislative Agenda for each year. It is a delineated committee under the ASUW Constitution.


Voting Members

Non-Voting Members


The primary purpose of the LSC is to create a Legislative Agenda that the OGR Director and OGR Assistant Director will lobby for over the course of the year.

Under the ASUW Constitution, the LSC's role is defined as follows:

"The Legislative Steering Committee shall:

  1. Write and propose an annual Legislative Agenda to be passed by both the Student Senate and the BOD. The Legislative Agenda most recently approved by both the Student Senate and the BOD will be active until both the Student Senate and the BOD approve a new Legislative Agenda.
  2. Make recommendations to the Student Senate and BOD on current legislation affecting higher education;
  3. Coordinate the lobbying efforts of the ASUW within state, university, and ASUW guidelines;
  4. Interact with state and national student organizations dealing with issues of higher education; and
  5. Complete other projects as delegated by the BOD."
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