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The Office of Government Relations lobbies full time in Olympia during the legislative session, Winter Quarter and some of Spring Quarter during the long session. This office coordinates voting registration efforts, promotes voter education, and plans the annual lobby day in Olympia. Although our primary focus is on the State Legislature and State Agencies, we also advocate on relevant public policy issues to the U.S. Congress and to various county and city governments.

The members of the office are the OGR Director, the OGR Assistant Director, the OGR Legislative Coordinator, and the OGR Research Assistant.


Voting Members

  • ASUW President
  • ASUW Director of FAA
  • ASUW Director of Operations
  • ASUW Director of Community Relations
  • ASUW Student Senate Vice-Chair
  • 2 ASUW Student Senate Representatives (Elected at-large by Student Senate)
  • 4 at-large Student Representatives (Appointed via Open Selection Process)

Non-Voting Members


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